What are Shower Steamers and Why Use Them?

What are Shower Steamers and Why Use Them?

Bath bombs are most certainly a popular trend with their amazing fragrances and colorful swirls filling up the bath tub. Unfortunately though, for bath bombs, there are many people who either do not take baths or simply do not have a tub at home. So what’s a shower gal/guy to do? Enter, the shower steamer!

Getting up in the morning or after a long day, most people will want to have a warm soothing shower to wake themselves up or to relax before bed. This is only made better with amazing fragrances emanating from a shower steamer. A shower steamer is basically like a bath bomb but for showers. It is placed on the floor or any surface close enough for your heated water to come in contact with it. Upon contact, it fizzles, bubbles, and releases exotic and intoxicating essential oils into the air. If you want to turn your shower into a therapeutic experience, go for shower steamers!

Shower steamers have many benefits and here’s why you should use / try them.

They Smell Good - Shower steamers come in a variety of pleasant scents that will make your shower much more enjoyable. Using shower steamers in some of your favorite scents is a great way to enrich your environment and boost your mentality at the start or the end of your day. 

They Do Not Leave Oil On Your Skin - they provide all the aromatherapy benefits of essential oils without having to come into contact with your skin. The oils are released into the air, in comparison to a bath bomb which releases the oils directly into the water you are submerged in and therefore directly onto your skin. So if concerns of the effects of essential oils on your skin when using bath bombs is a consideration for you, then rest assured, with the mechanics of a shower steamer, you do not run the risk of soaking in the oils contained in the product.

They Last Longer than Bath Bombs - A great benefit of shower steamers when compared with bath bombs is that they last longer. Despite their less colorful appearance, and indeed, they are smaller than a bath bomb, side by side, they last longer for a few reasons. Because the shower steamer is not entirely immersed in water, they can be used in a shower, and have not dissolved completely by the time your shower has completed. This will leave you some more shower steamer for subsequent showers. If you pop it right in the middle and it gets a ton of water then it will react and dissolve quickly and may not last for more than one shower.

While a regular shower may be refreshing enough on its own, a shower with shower steamers will help you relax considerably, improve your mood, and give you a nice spa-like experience within the confines of your very own bathroom.

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